Monday, March 1, 2010

Major Persuasive Project

Major Persuasive Project: ( 15 points- persuasive documents; 5 points-Cover Memo)

Rough Draft Due: March 11, 2010
Final Draft Due: March 18, 2010 by 6:00 pm in my box or via email

Unlike your Major Analysis Project, your Major Persuasive Project represents an "application" of the rhetorical appeals you've studied this semester. Using the same issue you've dealt with all semester, you should now construct three pieces of writing with a persuasive intent, or make a case for the extensive nature on one persuasive product.

Effective projects will be clear about the following: they will have a specific audience; they will ethically and responsibly use rhetorical appeals (i.e., they will not attempt to manipulate the audience by excessive emotional engagement or make up credentials to increase their "authority" on the subject); and they will work in a genre that will best meet that audience (audio, visual, PowerPoint, brochure, speech, etc.).

The MPP should also be accompanied by a Writer's Cover Memo in which the author of the project discusses the appeals used and explain how/why they were chosen.
Cover Memo for MPP

In order for me to best read/understand your persuasive project, I need a context in which to read it. To give me that context, please create a Cover Memo to me that includes the following information:

o Title of Project
o Genre (PowerPoint, brochure, speech, lecture, essay, article, editorial, etc.)
o Publication Venue (brochure for . . .? speech at . . .? etc.)
o Audience: What audience do you expect to encounter at the above venue? What do you know about them (their needs, concerns, interests)?
o Brief Analysis: Explain in rhetorical/persuasive terms how your project addresses this audience and what strategies/appeals you use for this audience to persuade them/it to consider your idea.
o Works Consulted/Cited: List the sources consulted or cited in your presentation.
These memos should be typed, single-spaced, and attached by staple or paper clip to your project.

If you're turning in a PowerPoint or other electronic piece, you can send your documents to me via email.

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